Amsterdam NDSM 63 F3

tt. Vasumweg 63 F3

24.5 m²

Long stay (min. one-year contract)

Not furnished

€ 727 /month including service costs

I want this studio

Start date contract
05 juni 2023

Respond until
29 mei 2023

A light space that you can easily master with your style. This studio is located on the 5th floor on the northeast.


Your studio includes a private bathroom and kitchen.
For your comfort, it also includes:

  • Curtain rails
  • Photo rails
  • Electric 2-burner stove and extractor hood (no fridge)
  • Anthracite colored flooring

What our residents are saying.

I love that my bike is always safe and dry throughout the entire year. This is why I chose Student Experience.

Amsterdam NDSM

What I like about Student Experience is that it is the perfect mix between finding friendships and building a network for the future.

Amsterdam NDSM

Coming from another country is daunting but this building created the opportunity and atmosphere that really eased the transition. Personally Amsterdam NDSM is a great place to begin your adventure in Amsterdam. I already created a lot of fun memories here.

Amsterdam NDSM

Everyone at Student Experience is very open and social. Together you share a really big home because of all the extra areas in the building. You will have the best time here!

Amsterdam NDSM

The facilities we share like pool and darts make it very lively. But the own living space means you can focus when needed. And you can make a peanut butter sandwich at 3AM without disturbing anyone. ;)

Amsterdam NDSM

NDSM is super cool because it’s close to the water. It’s also the perfect balance between having privacy in your own space and being surrounded by other students to socialize with.

Amsterdam NDSM

Student Experience has been allowing me to fully experience the student life for the past 4 years. A perfect balance between a great workspace to focus and a socialising environment to meet other students. 

Amsterdam NDSM

I meet nice and inspiring people at Student Experience. I live independently, but I never feel alone.

Amsterdam NDSM