We are on a mission to create world's best environment for the students to reach their full potential​.


Energy use

  • We have partnered with Hello Energy, which allows us to collect and share insights on the energy use of some of our buildings via screens in the lounges. Together with Hello Energy we host monthly challenges for our residents, designed to educate them about sustainable practices and motivate them to do better! Click here for more info. 
  • Some of our locations feature solar panels, which generate electricity to power the building and even charge electric cars. In the case of our Minervahaven complex, three of its facades are made up entirely of solar panels, so we are literally soaking up the sun to provide residents with power! 
  • We generate awareness of energy use by settling energy costs individually with every resident at most of our locations. This way, they take responsibility for their energy use by keeping track of their habits.
  • For efficiency, we use LED lamps and sensors at our locations. 
  • Our elevators are energy efficient. 

Waste management

All of our locations feature recycling containers, where residents can separate their waste according to the local guidelines.


Wherever possible, we use sustainable materials to minimize C02 emissions. Some of the examples include sustainable clothing options for our location staff and sourcing sustainably produced furniture.

Natural resource conservation

  • Most of our locations feature an inner courtyard with a green garden. Here you can find mosses, grasses, herbs, and plants that were placed specifically to attract local flora and fauna and stimulate biodiversity. 
  • We collect rainwater so it can be reused for the daily needs of the complexes, such as plant irrigation.
  • Some of our locations have a (rooftop) garden with native plant species. Residents are welcome here to try their hand at gardening and city farming!  
  • Our gardens are nature inclusive, and we make the best effort to replant trees and bushes in plots that are newly developed. 


With time, our green gardens attract local fauna! To help out, we built bat boxes, birdhouses, and even bee and insect hotels.


  • Our biggest sustainability achievement so far is the BREEAM-NL In-Use certificate obtained by our Minervahaven location, making is the most sustainable student residence in Europe! Check out more details here.
  • A true Dutch company, we love using bikes for transportation and promote them among our residents. That's why bicycle parking is available at every location, together with shared regular and electric bikes for residents' use.
  • At some of our locations we also offer the use of electric carsharing.
  • Some of our locations offer smart rental service TULU – a fantastic way to reduce pollution and promote sustainable practices by renting everyday items from vacuum cleaners to karaoke sets.
  • The modular design of the building at our Amsterdam Zuidas location allows for the relocation of the whole development.
  • Sustainably sourced clothing for employees.



Our story started with one person's dream

Our founder Johan Verweij wanted to provide students from around the world with high-quality and safe housing, a place where he would want to send his own children to live and what he would have liked when he was a student. The first Student Experience residence opened its doors in Amsterdam Zuid in 2015. The complex with 800 modern independent studios and comfortable facilities quickly changed the landscape of the neighborhood, becoming an integral part of the local community. The young students of Amsterdam finally had access to high-quality functional accommodation at a premium location, where they could fully focus on their studies while enjoying student life. 

This was just the start

Our Amsterdam Amstel location followed in 2015, with Amsterdam NDSM opening in 2017 and Amsterdam Minervahaven in 2020. As independent property manager and developer, we offer students a range of high-quality studios with access to a wide variety of facilities and services. Each location offers a unique experience where the safety and well-being of our residents are our top priority in everything we do.

Going international

In April 2023, we proudly opened the doors of our first international location in Madrid Pozuelo. This exciting moment marked the start of our international expansion, putting us on track to offer our services and top-notch accommodation to students all over the world. Next on the map are Leiden, opening in the summer of 2023, and Granada, scheduled to open in early 2024. 

Our commitment is to create the best possible experience in everything we do, which makes our selection and implementation process for future locations an intricate one. This helps us ensure that every new project is developed mindfully and sustainably.



Personal attention

Our residents are an eclectic mix of students from all around the world. Each individual is different and deserves personal attention. We strive always to build and maintain a personal connection to make everyone feel at home.


We provide an environment that is open for collaboration. With social and study initiatives, we create new possibilities and contribute to the personal development of our students. Our events occur regularly at every location and offer great opportunities to learn and study, make friends, and have fun! 

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Class Foundation 

  • The Best New Student Housing Development of the Year Awards for Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM (2017).
  • Best Student Housing Property for Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven (2023).
  • Best Sustainable Student Property for Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven (2017).

About The Class Foundation


  • Our Amsterdam Minervahaven location has a BREEAM-NL Excellent and a BREEAM In-Use certificate.
  • Our Madrid Pozuelo location has the highest energy label available: A.


ISAE3402 certified

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