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Find your new place in Madrid.

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Find your new place in Madrid.

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Student ExperienceMadrid Pozuelo

Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo offers 600 student studios of about 19m2 and a 4m2 balcony or terrace. This comfortable student complex is conveniently located near several universities. It features a luscious courtyard with a large swimming pool, a rooftop padel court, a gym, a restaurant and much more. Enjoy the privacy of your own studio with full access to all facilities, utilities and services included. No extra charges apart from your meal plan of choice. To check out the details, scroll down to the "Prices and services" section below.

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Madrid Pozuelo information

Studio specs

Studios and sizes
Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo studios have a floor space of 19m². They also include a private coffee corner, a private bathroom and a 4m² balcony. The height of the studio is approximately 280 cm. As soon as you have signed your contract, you can find a map of the studio in your service portal.
At this location, you are provided with a fully furnished studio. Everything you need to make it cozy, including a double bed, a closet, curtains, a fresh linen package and handy items, as well as a TV and Wi-Fi connection.
Coffee area
The coffee area features a countertop with a sink. Cabinets above and below the countertop provide ample storage space. The area is equipped with a fridge and a trash bin. You'll also receive a brand new package with handy items.
The modern bathroom boasts a large wash basin with a mirror wall, a spacious shower and a toilet. A brand new bathroom set is provided, including:
  • - 2 towels;
  • - 2 guest towels;
  • - 2 washcloths;
  • - 1 toilet paper roll;
  • - 1 bath mat.
Every studio has a light PVC floor. In addition to its warm appearance, the floor is easy to keep clean.
Key card access
The studio comes with a key card for easy and secure access and activation of electricity to ensure usage control.
Automatic window shutters
Automatic window shutters are included in every studio to easily control light and keep the studio cool.
Air conditioner
The studio features an AC unit for both heating and cooling so that you can always set your ideal temperature.
Hanging items on the wall
It is not possible to hang items on the wall. Do you wish to bring a memento from home? Then consider a photo frame you can set down somewhere.
Internet connection
WiFi is provided for your comfort throughout the location premises.
Adapted studios 
Adapted studios are available at booking, subject to availability, and have a floor space of 27m² and a balcony of 6m². Adapted studios are specially designed and prioritized for students with reduced mobility requirements. Evidence of your situation and needs for an adaptable studio will be requested upon booking.



Early Bird meal plan offer - terms and conditions
- Early Bird full board price: €310 per month (regular price: €395).
- Early Bird half board price: €200 per month (regular price: €285).
- Offer is available for bookings made between January 18, 00:00, and June 30, 23:59, 2023.
- Offer is applicable on a monthly basis for the first rental period (10 tickets free in the meal plan of choice per month).
- Early Bird pricing does not apply to contracts with a period of stay after September 1, 00:00, 2023.
AULA 2023 - terms and conditions
Free studio for one month
  • - By winning this prize, you get a free stay for one calendar month in a studio at Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo.
  • - This prize is valid for a free stay for one whole month to be selected from May, June, July, or August 2023, starting on the 1st of the month 12:00 and ending on the last day of the month 12:00.
  • - The location of the studio depends on availability.
  • - Only one person per studio is allowed.
  • - This prize is valid for the winner only and cannot be transferred.
  • - Meal plan is not included.
  • - This prize has no cash value and can never be redeemed for cash.
  • - Questions about this prize may be addressed to

DO EAT! meal ticket

  • - Ticket can be redeemed until December 31, 2023, 23:59.
  • - Ticket can be redeemed only once.
  • - Ticket is valid for one meal at the DO EAT! restaurant in Student Experience -Madrid Pozuelo.
  • - Ticket has a meal value of €25.
  • - You don’t need to stay at Student Experience to redeem this prize, anyone can use it.
  • - The ticket must be redeemed at the following location: Avenida de Rodajos 3, 28223, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Spain.
  • - This prize has no cash value and can never be redeemed for cash.
  • - For any questions contact

Free car parking

  • - This prize is valid only in combination with a studio booking. The free parking will be offered for the same period as the duration of your first stay at Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo and no later than December 31, 2023 (for the avoidance of all doubt, the free parking prize is not valid after December 31, 2023).
  • - This prize has no cash value and can never be redeemed for cash.
  • - Please send an email to when you have booked your studio to redeem this prize.

Prices and services

Studio price
The price of a studio starts at € 990 all-in per month, € 33 per day. This includes VAT, the use of electricity, water, internet, cleaning service, taxes and 24/7 security.
Other facilities that you can use for free are a gym, rooftop sports field, a swimming pool and study areas.

The deposit is approximately € 1500 and the reservation fee is € 50. These fees are to be paid together with your first month's payment in your first transfer.
Meal plan
The location has a restaurant. You can select one of the options: half board with breakfast and a choice of lunch or dinner for € 285 (20 tickets for breakfast and 20 tickets for lunch or dinner), full board with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for € 395 (20 tickets for breakfast and 40 tickets for lunch or dinner), or none. Meals are available on Monday to Friday; on Saturday brunch only and on Sunday dinner only. Extra meals are available at the restaurant upon request.
Cleaning service
Cleaning service is provided every two weeks and includes general cleaning of the floors and other surfaces of the studio, balcony, and bathroom and a change of towels and linens.


Cancellation policy

You have signed a contract to stay at Student Experience, but you changed your mind or cannot move in due to special circumstances. Cancellation policy depends on the situation, you can find more details below. You need a compelling reason to terminate your contract early. Examples of this are: you have been declined from your studies or cannot come to Madrid anymore. In order to process a request for early termination of your contract, we need proof. Proof is, for example, a rejection letter from your educational institution.
Not signed yet
If you have not yet signed your contract, you can cancel it free of charge.
> 30 days to contract start date
If you have signed the contract, you can cancel your contract up to 30 days before the commencement date. If you have a compelling reason and proof, no costs will be charged.
< 30 days to contract start date
If you decide to terminate your contract less than 30 days before the start date of your contract, this will only be possible if you have a compelling reason and proof for it. You only pay for the first month, and the administration costs when approved. The deposit will be credited within 30 days after the adjusted contract's end date.
After your contract start date
You want to terminate your fixed-term contract earlier than the contract end date. Unfortunately, this is not possible since you have entered into a contract with a fixed end date. We can only make an exception if you have a compelling reason for this and can provide proof of this. Upon approval, a one-month (30 days) notice period applies. You pay the costs until the new end date of your contract. The deposit will be refunded in accordance with your contract.



House rules

House rules
The house rules contain some essential information that is important to make your stay in the building as pleasant as possible. The latest version of the house rules is applicable. You can read the house rules here.


Check studio availability

Facilities at Madrid Pozuelo

Study room

Study without being distracted? The study room is a bright, open space where you can study peacefully. Co-Study Sessions are also held here, so you can focus optimally and have inspiring breaks with brain food, your neighbours and fun activities.


The reception is open from 06:00 to 22:00. You are welcome here with any questions you may have or to book the dining room, for example.


There are lounges located throughout the building which consist of cosy sitting areas where you can relax with your neighbours, watch TV or play (online) games.


The location has a restaurant. You can select one of the options: half board with breakfast and lunch, full board with breakfast, lunch and dinner, or none. If you choose a studio without a meal plan, you can still have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the restaurant. Drinks and snacks are also available here.

24/7 duty manager and security

Every day from 06:00 to 22:00 a duty manager is present and available. During the night you can rely on the security guard. In addition, security cameras are present at various locations.

Padel court

Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo has a padel court. You can use the sports field and the other facilities on the roof between 9:00 and 22:00.

Can (photo)shoots be held?
Anyone can submit a request to use the location for a photo shoot or video shoot. The padel court has an area of 20 square meters by 10 square meters. This can be done for school or graduation projects, work, and commercial photo or video shoots. Send your request to

Swimming pool

Get your swimming laps done in the gigantic pool located in the courtyard. Or relax with friends in the smaller pool next to it. Both are open from June through October.

Running track

An 800-meter running track wraps around the perimeter of the complex so you can get your exercise in!


The gym is equipped with modern fitness equipment so you can train whenever you want.

Private dining room

Use the private dining room to cook dinner with your friends or family, celebrate your birthday or have a baking competition with your best friend.

You can reserve the private dining room through our reception.

Printer and copier

In the lounge of the complex there is a copy, print and scan machine present. You can make use of it for a fee.

Parcel service

Have you placed an online order or received a package that does not fit through the letterbox? We have a digital concierge that temporarily stores the parcel. Pick up the package from the SmartPoint as soon as you have time.

See how it works in the video manual!


This complex has its courtyard. Several seating areas have been placed for lounging and enjoying the garden's flora and fauna.


Do your laundry in the self-service laundromat, where you can use professional washing machines and dryers for a fee. Washing detergent is automatically added to every wash. Using your own detergent is not permitted and causes stains in your laundry.
An ironing board is also available in the laundry room. You can borrow an iron at the reception.

Parking garage

Are your friends visiting by car or do you want to park your own car? That is possible in the garage underneath the complex!

Service portal

You can access the online service portal for more information about Student Experience. You can easily arrange most matters here, such as terminating your contract or submitting a repair request.

Bikes and electric bikes

Did you know that 80% of all car journeys are shorter than 20 km? A perfect reason to take the bike. There are bikes and e-bikes in the garage that you can use. Less CO2 emissions and never looking for a parking space for your car in Madrid anymore!

Download the app and get on your bike!

Charging stations for e-cars

The parking garage has 30 electric charging stations powered by solar energy to ensure your car is always charged and ready to go.

Vending machine

Care for a snack? There are vending machines present where you can pick up a snack or something to drink.

Smart rental unit

The TULU smart rental unit provides students everything from a vacuum cleaner to a karaoke set with the TULU app.

Sustainable living

Our building has the highest energy certification label: A. It features rainwater recycling and sedum plantings to protect local flora and fauna. It also has more than 1,000 square meters of solar panels to provide the studios with energy.

Medical facilities

Here are some useful links to access public health care in the neighborhood: general practitioner, dentist and online health card application. You need a health card to be treated at any public primary care center.

Indoor bicycle parking

There is an indoor bicycle parking in every location. That way, you can park your bike safely and in a dry spot! If there is space, you can also park your scooter here.


Do you want to drop by IKEA or visit a friend on the other side of town? You can use one of the two shared cars at this location for a fee. All you have to do is download the app and create your account. Find out more information here.

What our residents are saying.

Student Experience is much more than a residence, it's a lifestyle!

Lucy Zuidas
Amsterdam Zuidas

The lounge is amazing! Being with friends and being able to play ping-pong is super fun!

Amsterdam Zuidas

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Frequently asked questions.

  • Can I stay here if I am a student?

    Yes, you are welcome to stay at the Madrid Pozuelo location.

  • I don't speak Spanish. Can I stay here without it hindering me?

    Yes! With a community of students from all over the world, make friends easily, our main language is English. Want to improve your Spanish, or start learning it? Madrid offers many courses and finding a language buddy to practice with on location is a great way to start.

  • In which neighborhood is the complex located?

    This location is located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, which is a municipality in the Community of Madrid, Spain. Bordering the Moncloa-Aravaca district of Madrid and surrounded by large Mediterranean pine-tree forests, this is a wanted and wealthy area of Madrid.

    There are educational institutions in the vicinity, such as a campus of the public Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), the Somosaguas Campus, comprising the faculties of Psychology, Economics and Businesses, Political Sciences, Sociology and Social Work, the Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV) and the ESIC University. 

    Other educational institutions are easily reached by public transport.

  • What can I expect of the studios?

    Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo will offer 600 fully furnished studios with a private bathroom and balcony. Our high quality furnishings will include a bed, desk and seating area, among others.

  • When can I apply for a studio at this location?

    Book your studio now!

  • When will the Madrid Pozuelo location open?

    Our Madrid Pozuelo location is scheduled to open on April 1, 2023. Sign up here to stay updated on the news of the location.

  • Which facilities does this location offer?

    Just like all of our Dutch locations, our Madrid location will offer high quality services and facilities for you to enjoy. A multifunctional lounge, a large swimming pool in a congenial courtyard garden, a rooftop padel court, a running track circling the building, a laundromat, a private dining room, various study areas and a restaurant area that is open to the public. A wide range of activities will be organised for and by the students. Moreover, the Student Experience team is available 24/7 at this full-service location.

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