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Student Experience is an innovative full service concept that offers sustainable housing for students from all backgrounds. A place where you can fully focus on your studies while enjoying student life to the fullest. Our residences offer a range of high quality studios with all-in access to a wide variety of facilities and services like an in-house gym, laundromat and rooftop sports field. Each location offers a unique experience where your wellbeing is our top priority in everything we do.


What you'll find:

Sustainable living

  • Courtyard
  • Vending machine & healthy meals
  • Laundromat
  • e-Cars
  • Bikes and e-bikes

Safety and support

  • Reception
  • 24/7 duty manager and security
  • Service portal
  • Employment agency
  • Parcel service
  • Indoor bicycle parking
  • Parking garage

Social and leisure

  • Lounge
  • Living rooms
  • Private dining room
  • Game corner
  • Vending machine & healthy meals
  • Hospitality

Study facilities

  • Study room
  • Co-working spaces
  • Presentation space
  • Printer and copier
  • Library

Health and fitness

  • Sports field on the roof
  • Medical facilities
  • Gym
  • Padel court
  • Swimming pool

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What our residents are saying.

What I like about Student Experience is that it is the perfect mix between finding friendships and building a network for the future.

Amsterdam NDSM

Everyone at Student Experience is very open and social. Together you share a really big home because of all the extra areas in the building. You will have the best time here!

Amsterdam NDSM

I really like living here because you can easily make friends. Especially when you are on the basketball court, in the gym or in the game corner.

Amsterdam Minervahaven

Imagine living at the heart of innovation, business and trends but still having the carefree attitude and freedom of a student. This is the prestige Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas provides us. And I wish I could just live here beyond my student life!

Amsterdam Zuidas

The facilities we share like pool and darts make it very lively. But the own living space means you can focus when needed. And you can make a peanut butter sandwich at 3AM without disturbing anyone. ;)

Amsterdam NDSM

The duty managers who look after the building are really nice. For example when I request a repair and book a time slot, they are always very punctual and try to repair it very well. Good service!

Amsterdam Zuidas

I love that my bike is always safe and dry throughout the entire year. This is why I chose Student Experience.

Amsterdam NDSM

My neighbours became my best friends. I also got a lot of inspiration from the building which I live in, I even made an artbook about it.

Amsterdam Zuidas

NDSM is super cool because it’s close to the water. It’s also the perfect balance between having privacy in your own space and being surrounded by other students to socialize with.

Amsterdam NDSM

How does it work?

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Our studios

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Frequently asked questions.

  • Studio prices

    To determine the maximum rent we can charge for a studio, the government has developed a point system. The point system represents the quality of the studio in points.

    Points are assigned to each part of the studio, such as the surface area and energy label. The WOZ value of the studio also counts in the points calculation. The total amount of points generates a maximum rent. We cannot ask for more, only for less. This way we ensure that we always attach a fair price to your studio.

    The prices vary per location. For more information about the studio price of a specific location go to:

    Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven
    Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas
    Student Experience Amsterdam Amstel
    Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM

  • Minimal lease period

    Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven

    This location is our only short stay residence. This means that you can stay here for up to one year. The precise start date and stay period per studio can be found in the studio advertisement. You'll be moving in to a fully furnished studio and have access to all the services this super sustainable location has to offer. Full service living at its best!

    Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas, Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam NDSM

    The contract at these long stay locations is for at least one year. After this year, the contract may be terminated with due observance of the notice period of one month. More information about altering or terminating your contract can be found in your service portal.

  • Housing allowance

    Applying for housing allowance is possible if you are 23 years or older and live at one of the following Student Experience locations: Amsterdam Zuidas, Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam NDSM (so not Amsterdam Minervahaven).

    Do you want to know how much housing allowance you are entitled to? You can perform a test calculation for this. This can be done directly with the Tax authorities by clicking here.

    When calculating the rent allowance, you must take the basic rent.

    In addition, there are eligible service costs that you can specify when applying for housing benefit. Eligible service costs are parts of the service costs that you may include in the calculation of your rent allowance. There is a maximum amount of €12 per part.

    The eligible service costs at Student Experience are:

    • Cleaning costs for common areas;
    • Energy costs for common areas (35% of total energy costs);
    • Caretaker costs.

    You will find the amounts in the overview at your service portal under “My monthly costs”.

    You can apply for rent subsidy directly with the Tax Authorities. Click here to start the process.

  • Proof of enrollment

    All Student Experience studios are available exclusively to students. That is why each contract contains a campus clause. It states that after finishing your studies, you are allowed to stay for a maximum of six months thereafter. If you are leaving/quitting college or university, you are required to inform us. Then too, you are allowed to stay for another six months maximum, after which the contract will be terminated automatically.

    At the time of check-in, you must be registered as a student at a secondary vocational or higher professional education institution or at a university. You are expected to upload a proof of enrollment in the service portal before October 1st each year. Proof of enrollment must contain the following information:

    • Your name
    • Study program
    • Full- or parttime study
    • Educational institution
    • Academic year
  • Subscribe

    Do you want to be kept informed of our available studios? Register now. During the registration you communicate your preferences. That way we only send you a notification when a studio that matches your preferences becomes available.

    For our Amsterdam Zuidas, Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam NDSM locations we work with an automated draw system to guarantee absolute equality of chances.

    You can register as looking for a studio if you are a student and above 16 years of age.
    Are you registering with several e-mail addresses to increase your chances? Then your registration will be removed from the system automatically.

    Terms and conditions per location
    Amsterdam Zuidas:
    You study full time in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam NDSM:
    You study full time or part-time in The Netherlands

    Amsterdam Minervahaven:
    Condition to stay in Amsterdam Minervahaven is that you are registered at an educational institution in the Netherlands or abroad and you are temporarily staying in The Netherlands for educational purposes. This could be for a study period, an internship or PhD associated with a Dutch or foreign educational institution.

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