Step by step explanation about...

Signing Contract

Step 1Confirmation by e-mail

After you select the studio in the studio selector, you will receive a confirmation email. 
After the confirmation e-mail you will receive another e-mail with a link to create an account.    

Once your account is set up, you are all ready to go! You can use the service portal to do the following:   

  • Upload your proof of enrollment at the educational institution. 
  • Plan your introductory meeting; 
  • Find the floor plan of your studio;    
  • Read through the contract.  

Step 2Introductory meeting

You have five days to review your contract, check out the floor plans and upload your proof of enrolment. You will also need to schedule an introductory meeting, that can be held on site, by phone or via Zoom.  
The introductory meeting should take place within 5 days after receiving the contract. During this appointment, we will explain what we expect from our guests and what you can expect from us. It is also the perfect time to ask us all your questions. 

The introductory meeting is held on site or via Zoom with the duty manager and consists of the following: 

  • Check for proof of enrolment at the educational institution; 
  • Time to look around and visit a model studio; 
  • Time to ask questions. 

Step 3Signing digitally the contract

Digitally signing the contract can be done via the Service Portal. Then make your first accommodation payment, and get the keys to your brand-new place! 
The first payment consists of: 

  • The accommodation for the remaining days of the month in which the agreement commences. Does the contract start at the end of the month? Then the payment for the next month is also included; 
  • Administration costs up to 50 euros; 
  • The deposit of 1500 euros. 

Step 4Check-in

After making the first payment, you can schedule your own check-in appointment. During the check-in you will be welcomed at the reception by the receptionist. He or she will hand you the key so you can go directly to your studio. 
Do you have any questions about the studio? Then the duty manager will be happy to answer them.   
Please bring your identification (passport/ID card/driver's license) documents with you to the check-in. 

Terminate Contract

Step 1Contract termination

You want to end your contract with a fixed end date earlier than the end date. Unfortunately, this cannot be done since you entered into a contract with a fixed end date. The agreed-upon end date of the stay is in your contract.

Studio Delivery

Step 1Cleaning the studio

The studio needs to be clean and tidy after you leave. Therefore, it is important to do a thorough cleaning. If you do not do this and a professional cleaning of the studio is needed, you will be charged a cleaning fee or part of the deposit will be withheld.   
Is something broken in the studio? Then submit a repair request in advance so the duty manager can fix it before your departure.  

Step 2Empty the studio

Please take all your personal belongings with you and leave the studio in the same condition as it was delivered to you. Please make sure to leave the linen and towel package in the studio when you leave.

Step 3Check out

The latest check out time is 11:00 on the end date of your contract. Of course, you can check out earlier than the last date, but this does not affect the monthly costs.     
You have to hand in the keys of the studio at the reception, so that the location manager knows that you have checked out.  

Step 4Deposit

You have paid a deposit for your studio. Before you get it back, we will settle the outstanding costs. This can be payment arrears or costs for repairs to the studio.    
We will refund (the remainder of) the deposit 1 month after the end of the contract.   
We will also stop the direct debit.