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    For our Amsterdam Zuidas, Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam NDSM locations we work with an automated draw system to guarantee absolute equality of chances.

    You can register as looking for a studio if you are a student and above 16 years of age.
    Are you registering with several e-mail addresses to increase your chances? Then your registration will be removed from the system automatically.

    Terms and conditions per location
    Amsterdam Zuidas:
    You study full time in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam NDSM:
    You study full time or part-time in The Netherlands

    Amsterdam Minervahaven:
    Condition to stay in Amsterdam Minervahaven is that you are registered at an educational institution in the Netherlands or abroad and you are temporarily staying in The Netherlands for educational purposes. This could be for a study period, an internship or PhD associated with a Dutch or foreign educational institution.

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  • Proof of enrollment

    All Student Experience studios are available exclusively to students. That is why each contract contains a campus clause. It states that after finishing your studies, you are allowed to stay for a maximum of six months thereafter. If you are leaving/quitting college or university, you are required to inform us. Then too, you are allowed to stay for another six months maximum, after which the contract will be terminated automatically.

    At the time of check-in, you must be registered as a student at a secondary vocational or higher professional education institution or at a university. You are expected to upload a proof of enrollment in the service portal before October 1st each year. Proof of enrollment must contain the following information:

    • Your name
    • Study program
    • Full- or parttime study
    • Educational institution
    • Academic year
  • Minimal lease period

    Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven

    This location is our only short stay residence. This means that you can stay here for up to one year. The precise start date and stay period per studio can be found in the studio advertisement. You'll be moving in to a fully furnished studio and have access to all the services this super sustainable location has to offer. Full service living at its best!

    Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas, Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam NDSM

    The contract at these long stay locations is for at least one year. After this year, the contract may be terminated with due observance of the notice period of one month. More information about altering or terminating your contract can be found in your service portal.

  • Someone else living in my studio temporarily

    It is possible to let someone else stay in your studio temporarily. If you are going to study abroad for a period of time, for example, someone else can occupy your studio for a maximum of six months.

    Subletting is not permitted though. However, it is possible to apply for house sitting, formally called residence stewardship. One of the things that is different about this, is that we meet the person occupying your studio for that time. That way we all make sure we are on the same page about living at Student Experience. You'd want us to do the same for your neighbor's studio, right?

    House sitting must always be requested before the house sitting period begins. If you fail to do so, then subletting occurs. More information about applying for house sitting can be found in your service portal.

    Do you mean cohabitation (people living together) at Student Experience? Unfortunately, this is not possible.


  • Studio prices

    To determine the maximum rent we can charge for a studio, the government has developed a point system. The point system represents the quality of the studio in points.

    Points are assigned to each part of the studio, such as the surface area and energy label. The WOZ value of the studio also counts in the points calculation. The total amount of points generates a maximum rent. We cannot ask for more, only for less. This way we ensure that we always attach a fair price to your studio.

    The prices vary per location. For more information about the studio price of a specific location go to:

    Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven
    Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas
    Student Experience Amsterdam Amstel
    Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM

  • Housing allowance

    Applying for housing allowance is possible if you are 23 years or older and live at one of the following Student Experience locations: Amsterdam Zuidas, Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam NDSM (so not Amsterdam Minervahaven).

    Do you want to know how much housing allowance you are entitled to? You can perform a test calculation for this. This can be done directly with the Tax authorities by clicking here.

    When calculating the rent allowance, you must take the basic rent.

    In addition, there are eligible service costs that you can specify when applying for housing benefit. Eligible service costs are parts of the service costs that you may include in the calculation of your rent allowance. There is a maximum amount of €12 per part.

    The eligible service costs at Student Experience are:

    • Cleaning costs for common areas;
    • Energy costs for common areas (35% of total energy costs);
    • Caretaker costs.

    You will find the amounts in the overview at your service portal under “My monthly costs”.

    You can apply for rent subsidy directly with the Tax Authorities. Click here to start the process.

  • Increase of rent

    Every year we adjust the net rent (this concerns the basic rent without service costs). The government determines the maximum percentage by which rent can be raised. Every year, you will receive an e-mail containing the new rent rate before May 1st. The adjustment of the rent always goes into effect on July 1st.

  • Deposit

    Before you check-in a deposit must be paid. The amount of the deposit can be found in the information regarding the specific location. We will refund (the remainder of) the deposit two months after the end of the contract.

Paying rent

  • Direct debit

    When you sign your contract, we ask you to authorize us to automatically debit the rent from your account every month. In this way, you do not have to worry about payments and you always pay on time, even when you are on holiday, for example. The rent will be debited around the 26th of the month (at Amsterdam NDSM it will take place on the 1st of the month).

    The amount is automatically debited from the bank account you have specified. It is also possible that someone else pays the rent for you (your parents, for example). It is important that there is enough money in the account at the time of debiting.

    Just moved in and missed the moment of collection? Then there is a second collection possibility on the 20th of the month.

    You can change your preferred payment method here.

  • Payment order

    It is possible to set up a monthly payment order or periodic transfer. You can then determine the date of the transfer yourself, as long as we have received the amount before the 1st of the month.

    It is important to always state your name, address and customer number (KLxxxxxxxx) with the transfer. You can find the KL number on your personal page in the portal.  

    PLEASE NOTE: The bank account details vary per location!

    IBAN account number Amsterdam Zuidas
    NL26 ABNA 0616 3626 33
    (Name: RAVAM C V)

    IBAN account number Amsterdam Amstel
    NL97 ABNA 0584 4471 91

    IBAN account number Amsterdam NDSM
    NL56 ABNA 0623 2654 86
    (Name: Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Residential Fund N.V.)

    International payments Amsterdam Zuidas, Amstel and NDSM
    For international payments you may need additional information. You can use the following bank information.
    Name: ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
    Address: Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
    City: Amsterdam
    Please note: Any bank fees are to be borne by the student. Bank fees that are charged to Student Experience will be deducted from the rental payment.

    IBAN account number Amsterdam Minervahaven
    NL02 RABO 0320 8572 98
    (Name: SCI Student Experience Real Estate I CV)

    International payments Amsterdam Minervahaven
    For international payments you may need additional information. You can use the following bank information.
    Name: Rabobank Amsterdam
    Address: Bijlmerplein 518
    City: Amsterdam
    Please note: Any bank fees are to be borne by the student. Bank fees that are charged to Student Experience will be deducted from the rental payment.

  • Online payment

    You can also choose to transfer an amount every month. You can do this via iDEAL or by credit card*. Is this how you want to pay? Click here.

  • Backlog

    It is possible that you forget to pay the rent for your studio. Have we not yet received the amount after the 1st of the month? In this case, a payment backlog occurs.

    The rent must be in our account on or before the 1st of the month. Has your payment not been received by us in time? We will then send you an invoice reminder.
    Fail to pay within 14 days? Then collection costs will be charged.

    Therefore, make sure you pay in time, to prevent unnecessary costs.

    You can settle your payment arrears through the service portal.

  • Payment plan

    Payment arrears can quickly add up, so it is important to find a solution quickly. In exceptional cases we can set up a payment arrangement for this. This way you pay off your debt in installments.

    The most important rules are:

    • A payment plan can be arranged no more than once every 12 months. We calculate this from the end date of the last payment plan.
    • The backlog may not increase any further, the monthly rent must be paid on time just like the amount of the payment plan.
    • Do you not comply with the arrangements made in the payment plan? Then the arrangement will be terminated and the bailiff will be engaged.
  • Debt assistance

    Do you have debts you can no longer overcome by yourself? The municipality of Amsterdam can help you with your debts. Meet the conditions? The Amsterdam municipality can help, have a look at

Service costs

  • What are service costs?

    In order to keep the costs as low as possible for everyone, we arrange matters such as water and TV and internet connections collectively. These and other services are included in the service costs that you pay for your studio.

    The services and deliveries that we and/or third parties provide are charged as service costs. Think of cleaning, garden maintenance, district heating, water, electricity and connections for internet and TV. In this way, everything is always organized well and you live in a well-kept complex.

    In the service portal you can find out which services and deliveries are part of your service costs.

  • How much are the service costs?

    The amount of the service costs differ per location. For more information, check the heading 'prices' of the relevant location. The service costs can be increased annually if the actual costs exceed the paid advance. Of course we try to keep the service costs as low as possible.

  • Municipal taxes and levies

    Governmental taxes and charges are not service costs. After all, the landlord does not provide services for these. You will in any case receive an invoice for waste collection and water taxes.

    If your income is low, you can request remission for certain taxes and charges. On the website of the Tax Office of the Municipality of Amsterdam you can read which taxes and levies you have to pay and how you can request a remission for this.

  • Refund energy tax

    The energy tax refund will be settled in the service cost statement and will not be refunded separately.

  • Settlement service costs

    The part considering utilities is based on an estimate of the expected consumption. The service costs regarding, among other things, the internet connection, the contribution to cleaning costs in general areas, security, the caretaker, etc. have been determined on the basis of the rules of the rent committee.

    The service costs are settled retrospectively once a year, against the actual costs. This statement shows whether you have paid too much or too little in the past calendar year. We will then issue a refund or send a separate invoice. On the basis of this settlement, the service costs are redefined and a new advance amount is determined. You will receive the settlement of service costs no later than six months after the end of a calendar year. If you relocate, you may have to wait a while for the final bill.

    If you get back a large sum over the past year, for example due to a mild winter, this does not automatically mean that you will also pay less service costs in the new year. If the coming winter is expected to be very cold or if energy prices are expected to rise, this may be reason for us not to lower the advance amount.

Terminating your contract

  • Terminating your contract

    After the minimum rental period has expired, the lease can be cancelled on any day of the month. The notice period is at least 1 month. Is the end date of the lease contract on a weekend or a public holiday? No problem. Even then, the lease can be terminated. Terminating the contract can be done through the service portal.
    Please note: For the Minervahaven location, a contract with a fixed end date will be set up. Your contract will be terminated automatically as a result. It is not possible to end the contract earlier.

  • Inspection of the studio

    To give a new tenant the same impeccable experience that you got when moving in, you are expected to leave your studio empty, clean and in good condition. Therefore, the duty manager will pre-inspect your studio for any defects. You’ll get a list of things that need to be resolved and/or done before you leave your studio. That way you’ll know exactly what to do before your final inspection and can save costs.

    On or around the last day of your contract the final inspection will take place. If defects are found during the final inspection, you are expected to pay for the repairs. The costs of the repairs will be announced before the work is carried out. If the defects are so serious that the studio cannot be rented out immediately after you leave, you will be charged for the number of days the studio is vacant.

    You can schedule your pre-inspection and final inspection yourself in the service portal. More information about the desired condition of your studio can be found there as well.

  • Transferring your studio to someone else

    Are you moving out permanently? Then it is unfortunately not possible to 'transfer' your studio to someone else. In order to give every student a fair chance to a studio at Student Experience, the studio listed on the website when you leave. Of course you can point your friends to the selection on the website.

    Are you leaving for a period of at least 3 months to a maximum of 6 months? Then it is possible to apply for house sitting. More information regarding house sitting can be found here.

  • Landlord statement

    A landlord statement provides information regarding living and payment behaviour in the last two years. A landlord statement can only be provided if you stay with Student Experience for more than 1 year and meet the following criteria:

    • No payment arrears at this time or in the past year
    • No payment plan at this time or in the past year
    • No record with the bailiff at this time or in the past year
    • No social notifications at this time or in the past year

    Do you want us to issue a landlord statement? Send an e-mail and we can return a completed landlord statement within 2 business days.

Furnished studio

  • Furnished studio at Amsterdam Minervahaven

    At Amsterdam Minervahaven you stay in a furnished studio. You don’t have to arrange anything, just move in! We make sure you have a fully equipped studio at your disposal. See it as a hotel room: large items such as a bed, a desk, lounge chair, curtains and smart TV are already present. We also provide kitchen equipment and bed linen and towels. Therefore, you only have to bring personal belongings such as clothing and study books.

  • Costs furnished studio

    The costs for furnishing of your studio are added to your monthly costs for the studio. You can access an overview of these costs in your service portal.

  • Styling your furnished studio

    We make sure that the studio looks neat and cozy. You don't have to hang anything on the walls to get a nice studio. Do you still want to bring in your own items? Think of photo frames that you can place instead of hanging them on the wall, a plant or decorative pillows. This way you can create your own place in no time.

Repairs, disturbances and complaints

  • Request repair

    Is something in need of repair? Request a repair in just a few steps by clicking here.

  • Overview repair requests

    The repairs you requested (both for your studio and communal spaces) and that are being processed by us can be found here.

  • Disturbance

    Are your neighbors causing disturbance with loud music, smoking or household waste? We can help to find a solution.

    1. Talk
      It is important to first discuss the issue with your neighbors. Maybe the neighbors are not aware of the disturbance they are causing. Stay calm and friendly and show understanding for each other's situation. Has this not helped? Then proceed to the following step.
    2. Reporting a disturbance
      Has a conversation not helped to solve the situation? Then you can report the disturbance to us. We will look for a fitting solution.
  • Complaints

    Do you have a complaint? We are happy to solve it as soon as possible so that you can live carefree again. Report your complaint here, and we will get started as soon as possible.

    Not a resident?

    Are you experiencing a disturbance from one of our locations? Then we would like to hear it. You can find the contact details here, we’re happy to help you personally.

  • Request repair

    If something needs to be repaired in your studio, you can submit a repair request here. We can fix it for you, even if you are not at home. You can give us permission for this. It is also possible to make an appointment in the location operator’s appointment schedule.

    Is it an emergency? Then call the duty manager.

Studio information

  • Internet

    Home is where the WiFi connects automatically. That's why we're helping you set up your internet and TV in just a couple of steps.

    Step 1: UTP cable & router
    To install and connect your internet you need a UTP (network) cable.
    Want WiFi in your studio? You'll need a router as well.
    Both can be purchased online through webshops like or Coolblue, but are also available at stores like Gamma.

    Step 2: Activate internet connection
    To activate your internet connection go to
    Fill out your personal information here.
    On the registration page under customer number enter: 14999999999 (so 14 and 10x 9).

    Step 3: Happy Googling!
    You can now access the worldwide web!
    Got questions? Visit, call 085 - 014 04 25 during office hours or fill out the form on the website.

  • Television

    Television in your studio is easy to arrange.

    Step 1:  Coax cable
    All you need to get your TV working is a COAX cable.
    This cable can be purchased online through webshops like or Coolblue, but is also available at stores like Gamma.

    Step 2: Setting up your TV
    While setting up your TV you'll need the following codes:

    • Netw id: 43136
    • Freq: 164000
    • Symbol: 690

    Step 3: Extra channels
    Do you want extra channel packages? Contact Ziggo through or by calling 0900 - 1884.

    Step 4: Questions?
    For questions regarding your TV and/or internet connection, please contact ittdesk at, call them at 085 - 014 04 25 during office hours or fill out the form on the website.

  • Decoration and furnishing tips and tricks

    Have you been eyeing that beautiful laminate floor from Pinterest or want to make popcorn in your own microwave? Create your own space easily with just a few adjustments. With these tips, you can efficiently furnish your studio without drilling.

    Extra kitchen space and microwave
    In a compact kitchen, you can easily create extra space with a kitchen trolley. You can place a microwave on it, store your dishware or brighten up your kitchen with herb plants.
    Tip: for optimal use of space, place the trolley next to the kitchen block or against the wall of the bathroom.

    Coat rack
    Do you want a coat rack in your studio? Unfortunately, drilling is not permitted. Luckily there are plenty of other options:

    • A standing coat rack
    • Door hanger
    • Self-adhesive hooks on the closet
    • Many stores sell these smart solutions; home and DIY stores, Blokker, and Action.

    Would you like to make your studio your own by redoing the floor? This is possible with laminate flooring. It is only permitted to place on top of the floor covering. When leaving your studio you will have to return the floor to its original state.

    Pay attention to the thickness of the floor: We recommend a maximum thickness of 6 mm.

    Your own roller blinds or Luxaflex are stylish and convenient. There are handy tricks to install them. For example, clamp supports to ensure that you don't have to use a drill. These universal clamp supports are available at for example Kwantum.

  • Studio Stories

    Do you have a studio that wouldn't look out of place in a lifestyle magazine? Or is it a beautiful mess? We're curious about the tips you have for your fellow students! Maybe they will see your studio appear in our 'Studio Stories'.

    Send us an e-mail and participate!

Medical services

  • GP Amsterdam Zuidas and Amsterdam Amstel

    You are welcome at GP practice Zwaansvliet. The practice is open Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 17.00. You can make an appointment by phone, or directly via the website. Do you have a quick medical question? You can make use of e-mail consults.

    More information or would you like to register? This is possible on the website of GP Practice Zwaansvliet.

    Contact details:
    Zwaansvliet 5
    1081 AP Amsterdam
    +31 (0)20 - 642 09 09

  • GP Amsterdam NDSM

    Health center AMC Noord is our partner for Amsterdam NDSM.

    Want to register at Health center AMC Noord? You can do so on their website.  The practice can be reached Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

    Contact details:
    Asterweg 6
    1031 HN Amsterdam
    Overhoeks – Buiksloterham

    020 – 308 17 77

  • Dentist

    There is a dentist connected to all Student Experience locations.

    Dental practice Van de Veer is located on the Zuidas. This practice can be visited daily for emergency care and of course also for regular checks, dental and oral hygiene treatments.

    An appointment is required for treatments. Registering for an intake is desirable so you can be registered in the database. During this intake, Dental practice Van de Veer can also properly advise you and provide information about insurance. Dental insurance is not mandatory. However, without insurance you must pay for each consultation directly. The tariffs are set nationally and can be found on the website.

    On business days the student is welcome between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. The Dental practice is closed on weekends. For emergency care, the student can visit the Oral care clinic in the Slotervaart Hospital, reachable through 020 - 512 41 13.

    For more information and questions visit the practice website or contact them by phone.

    Contact details:
    Van de Veer Tandartsen
    Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116
    1082 MA Amsterdam

    020 – 662 30 71

Sports field on the rooftop

  • Nearly every location has a sports field on the rooftop

    Are you familiar with our iconic rooftop sports fields? Use it as an urban football cage on a rooftop in Amsterdam with the nicest views. With two baskets, it doubles as a basketball court on the roof but can also be used for sunset yoga and the perfect Instagram photo.

    Nearly all Student Experience locations have a sports field on the roof. The cage around the sports field has a different color at each location:
    Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas = orange
    Student Experience Amsterdam Amstel = yellow
    Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM = black
    Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven = black
    Student Experience Madrid Pozuelo = transparent

    As a Student Experience resident, you can use the facilities on the roof every day from 9.00 to 22.00. A maximum of 50 people are allowed on the roof at the same time. Due to fire safety it is not permitted to smoke on the roof.

  • Football on the roof

    Every Wednesday Student Experience and FC Urban organize a football match on the roof of every Student Experience location.

    At FC Urban you are free from obligations. You can register for a match that suits you, at a unique location, with old acquaintances or new friends. The locations can be found throughout Amsterdam; from Museumplein to Oosterpark and at all locations of Student Experience.

    As a resident of Student Experience, you can play for free at all FC Urban locations. Create an account on this page. If you don't live at Student Experience, but you want to play football with us, you can! Anyone can register for each match through the FC Urban website.

  • Photoshoots on the rooftop

    Anyone can submit a request to use the location for a photo- or videoshoot. This can be done for example for school or graduation projects, own work, but also for commercial photo or video shoots. Shoots can take place 7 days a week between 7.00 and 21.00 (including construction and dismantling). An application for the use of the location must be submitted at least two weeks before the desired date of the shoot by sending an e-mail.


Is your answer not listed here?

Get in contact with us, the Student Experience team would love to help you. Want to contact the duty manager of your residence directly? You can find his number at the reception of your location and in your service portal.