Amsterdam Zuidas through the eyes of an art student.

Imagine you have to make a book about an object in the city for your studies. The object has to be artistic and because of the pandemic you cannot travel much. What are you going to do? You start your project about the building in which you live: Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas! Although this complex has been photographed many times by many photographers, this resident, Minwho Jun from South Korea, has given it her own unique twist.

You can choose many unique buildings in Amsterdam, but why would you look for an object if you already live in a cool building? Those were Minwho's thoughts exactly. She says "I could choose, for example, the Johan Cruijff Arena or a building in the city, but I already live in such a unique building that the choice was easy. The advantage was that I did not have to travel that much and could gather all the information quickly."

All the ins and outs

The book is divided into three parts: the outside of the complex, the inside of the complex and the language. This last part is mainly the way in which communication takes place. "The exterior of the complex is so beautiful and unique that it was easy to take pictures of it. Although it was sometimes a little weird to take pictures while fellow residents walked by. "


To capture both the inside and the language, Minwho used the residents' Facebook group. "I posted a note in the group asking if residents wanted to share photos of their studio with me. When I posted it I was afraid of negative reactions, but I was very surprised by all the positive comments and photos that I received! Everyone was so nice and helpful. I even met new people who are now my friends, all though my project!"

By using posts and reactions in the Facebook group for the part language, the book was complete. "I hope that I'm able to show the book to everyone one day! Maybe in the future we can hold an exhibition with different pieces of art, I think that would be very cool!"


Thank you tea bag

Another project of her studies was to share an experience without everyone coming together. Because Minwho wanted to thank the community from the Facebook group who had helped her with the Zuidas project, she had 500 tea bags printed with a QR code on them. "The QR code led to this song that I made with a friend from South Korea. The idea is that 500 residents watched this video while drinking the same type of tea".

And let's be honest, isn't that a unique experience and a wonderful gesture to thank everyone?