Ambitious students - Get inspired by Jacob

When you’re an entrepreneur your network is key. And that’s what Jacob Himbert does best. The 20-year-old entrepreneurial student knows better than anyone how to get valuable contacts from his community. He is teaching more and more of his neighbors how to train. He loves teaching people how to fitness and he’s working very hard to build a personal brand that influences people in their journey to a healthy life. 


The gym at Minervahaven is his go-to place, since weightlifting and fitness are his favourite things to do. Jacob: “Fitness has been a big passion of mine ever since I was young. That’s why I did a course to become a personal trainer. I love working with people and to transfer what I know to other people. To see that they grasp the value of it makes me happy. When I’m training someone I always make sure to know what the goals of the person are, and how to achieve them most efficiently.”  
Theory and practice 
Jacob studies at Team Academy Amsterdam. Jacob: “During my studies, I learned a lot of theory and I believe that theory becomes most relevant when applied wisely. That’s why I chose my university: it offers practical courses that allow me to learn by doing. That way I can focus on building my personal fitness brand during my studies.” 
Use your community 
As an aspiring entrepreneur Jacob knows how valuable your network can be. He already gave personal training sessions to 3 students living at Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven. And when he was looking for a content creator to help him with the socials of his brand, he found one in the WhatsApp group of the building. "I just sent: 'Hey guys, any content creators here?' And 5 minutes later someone reached out to me. That’s what I love about living here”, Jacob says. 
Adding value to the world is important to Jacob. That’s why he is involved in the non-profit organization 'Open Arms Netherlands', that organizes sports events for Ukrainian refugees. Jacob: "I love the enthusiasm of people working in a non-profit organization. They are purpose-driven and you can see in their eyes that they really want to create a better world. I also organized a training session for refugees at the Minervahaven gym." 
Want to train with Jacob? 
Do you want to use the gym in your building more often, and do you want to learn the right skills and knowledge about fitness? During the Student Experience June Sports Month, Jacob will host four workshops. During these workshops you will learn how to use the equipment in the gyms at our Student Experience locations. There will be two workshops in the gym at Minervahaven and two in the gym at Zuidas. In the first workshop, Jacob teaches you how to train your upper body and in the second workshop, you’ll learn how to train your lower body. Let’s get started! 

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