Ambitious students – Julie talks about her internship at HUYSZ

So excited about something that you want to shout it from the rooftops? That's what Julie Willekens, second-year Creative Business student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, experienced when she did an internship at HUYSZ. HUYSZ makes house portraits in clean black lines. They're perfectly unique and personal wall art. When Julie got the chance to choose a building she wanted as a line drawing, she didn't hesitate – it was going to be her own HUYSZ! As a resident of Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas she was so happy with the result that she wants to share it with other residents.


“When I went for a job interview at HUYSZ, it immediately felt right,” says Julie. “I like that the company is not formal, but very personal”. During her internship, Julie was responsible for the social media marketing of the brand. When her internship ended, they asked her to continue working there for 2.5 days a week. 


It’s a valuable opportunity to stay with a company after your internship. Even if you haven't finished your studies yet, thinks Julie. “I can immediately apply in practice, what I learn during my studies. Do I have a lecture on SEO and SEA? Then I immediately think of how I can apply this to the HUYSZ website the next day. This way I learn a lot more from my lectures than when I only study for an exam.” Julie even anticipates the teaching material. “Sometimes when the teacher explains something I think, Hey! I have already learned that from my internship supervisor.” Julie: “At my internship, they are also very good at working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. So if I need help, they explain everything to me with ease.” 

During her internship, Julie got the portrait from Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas. “When I saw the drawing I thought it was so cool! I wanted to show it to everyone. I immediately went to the duty manager with the drawing.” 


Do you want a HUYSZ portrait? 

Because we are enthusiastic about the portrait too, we have decided to partner up with HUYSZ and offer portraits at a discount. Each design is digitally drawn by hand (custom made) and delivered on request with a premium quality black wooden frame, which comes in different sizes. Do you want a memento of your time in Student Experience? Or are you looking for an original gift for your neighbor's birthday? HUYSZ has made a line drawing of all Student Experience locations. You can order the portrait with a wooden frame. Are you going back to your home outside the Netherlands? HUYSZ can send the portrait to your home country for a small fee. So you don't have to worry about the glass breaking in your luggage. 

Residents of Student Experience Amsterdam receive a special discount of 10 euros on the Student Experience portraits (starting from € 17.95). Just enter the discount code STUDENT10 on the HUYSZ website