Out and about by bike around Amsterdam

As you know, Dutchies are crazy about bicycles and can you blame them? Cycling on a sunny day is the best way to enjoy your surroundings, see more and get a work out in. So grab your bike this summer and go out for a day with friends. You will learn more about the history of the Netherlands and you will see more than just the busy city. And you will make your parents proud by telling them you're diving into Dutch cultural history. 


Visit the Muiderslot castle - it's just under an hour from Amsterdam by bike. The funny thing is that it takes just as long by public transport. All the more reason to hop on your bike! The route from Amsterdam-East to Muiderslot alone is great - enjoy the views and the fresh air. A ticket for the castle costs €16.50, and you can pick one of the free audio tours. that'll teach you about life in the castle in the 17th century and the Middle Ages. Explore the collection of armours, weapons, and utensils from the 13th century, and admire the paintings from the Golden Age. The historic castle gardens are wonderful for a stroll. Are you done with your visit? Settle down somewhere along the Vecht river for a nice lunch or drinks before you get back on your bike to Amsterdam. 

Zaanse Schans 

Cycling to the Zaanse Schans takes just over an hour, but it's worth the trip! For generations, Zaanse Schans has been one of the top tourist attractions in the whole country, receiving people from all over the world. Zaanse Schans is a Dutch village town with green fields, windmills, and full of traditional handicrafts and culture. You will find traditional Dutch houses and small farms around the windmills with sheep, goats, and chickens. The place is set up like an open-air museum, and you can experience life as it was lived by Dutch people in the 18th and 19th centuries. A visit to the Zaanse Schans is free. You solely pay for access to the mills or one of the many museums. Because the Zaanse Schans is a real tourist attraction, it's very crowdy. So, taking this trip with your friends on a weekday is wise. 


Within half an hour by bike, you are in Durgerdam. The bike ride goes along the Flevopark towards the Schellingwouderbrug, where you cross the water. In this town, it feels like time has stopped. Admire the colorful dike houses of Durgerdam while overlooking the IJsselmeer. Durgerdam is no typical touristy area at all and when visiting this village, keep in mind that there live about 430 inhabitants. You can sit by the water, admire the little houses and walk, or bike the dunes. This part of Amsterdam-Noord is relaxing and great for a little day trip from Amsterdam. To head back to Amsterdam, you cycle past the village of Ransdorp to go through nature in the direction of Amsterdam-North. Take the ferry to return to the city center in no time.