How to dispose of your garbage, used items and bulky waste

Do you want to start the new school year with a clean studio? Let's clean things up nicely. Maybe you can make someone else happy with the stuff or clothing you don't use. That way, you are being sustainable! This is how you get rid of the waste after you've cleaned up. First, separate small waste and throw it in the waste container. Bulky waste includes large items that don't fit in the container, such as microwaves, old mattresses, and carpets. In this article, we'll explain what to do with all your waste.

Bring it to a secondhand shop 

Take usable items to a secondhand shop or make an appointment to have them picked up free of charge. You can find all secondhand shops in Amsterdam here.  

Sell it online  

Do you want to be sustainable and make someone else happy with your used items? Sell it on Marktplaats or Facebook Marketplace. Feeling generous and willing to give it to your neighbors? Post it in the Facebook group of your location, be sure to keep it in your room until your neighbor comes by. Due to fire risk, you are not allowed to put items in the hallway for free pick-up. 

The municipality will collect it  

Do you have bulky waste? Enter your address below to see on which day the municipality will come by. Is there no available day? Make an appointment using or call 14 020 to make an appointment free of charge. Put your bulky waste in a permanent place. Often this is on a specific sidewalk tile with ‘grofvuil’ on it. If there is no permanent place for bulky waste, put it on the sidewalk's edge. Make sure to always keep the space around the waste containers clear. Put your waste outside no earlier than 21:00 on the evening before collection. It will be collected after 07:00 the following day. 

Bring your items to a Waste Collection Point

Take your bulky waste to your neighborhood's Waste Collection Point ('Afvalpunt') for free. Here you will find where the collection points are.   

Used clothing  

The best thing to do with used clothes is to bring them to specific secondhand clothes shops, sell them on Vinted, or bring them to a textile recycling bin nearby. Textile recycling bins are often placed alongside the paper, glass and plastic recycling bins provided by the municipality. Textiles include clothing, shoes, towels, bed linen and pillows. The textile must be clean and dry. Therefore, put the textile in a plastic bag and tie the bag tightly before placing it in a container. Check this map for the textile containers in Amsterdam.  

Large cardboard boxes  

Flatten your boxes, make them small and put them in the container marked 'papier' or bring them to a Waste Collection Point ('Afvalpunt') free of charge.  

Stick to the rules  

The municipality has rules about waste. If you don't follow these rules, you risk a fine of at least € 100,-. You can save a lot of money by disposing of your waste in the container and placing bulky waste outside at the right moment.