Where to get your groceries in the Netherlands?

You moved to the Netherlands, yes! Now you have to learn how to do your groceries here. Luckily, we have excellent supermarkets like Albert Heijn or Ekoplaza. This article will tell you everything about supermarkets in the Netherlands. There's always one close by. 

Albert Heijn 

Albert Heijn (AH) is the largest supermarket in the Netherlands and has new offers every week. You get these offers by scanning your bonus card at checkout. A bonus card is free, and you can get it at the store's service desk; they are sometimes also available at the self-scan checkouts. 

Albert Heijn has an app where you can easily find that week's offers ("bonus"). You can also link your bonus card to the app, so you don't have to take it with you, but instead scan it from your phone. Personalizing your bonus card gives you even more benefits, such as extra offers in My Bonus Box. In the store, you can also find the Price Favourites: these are the owned brand products of Albert Heijn, and they are always affordable. Nowadays, you will find a wide variety of (fresh) dinner boxes at Albert Heijn. This way, you learn how to shop and cook a great dinner like a Dutchie in a jiffy! 


Jumbo is the second-largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Here they have excellent customer service and unique pricing policies. For example, if you find any discrepancy between the store price and the till price, you get that item for free. And when you find a fresh product on its sell-by date, you get it for free too. Jumbo has three different types of stores: the standard Jumbo supermarket, the smaller Jumbo City express-style stores, which are ideal for to-go products, and the larger Jumbo FoodMarkt with a broader choice. 

Dirk van den Broek 

Dirk van den Broek (Dirk) is a popular budget supermarket that started as a family business on the milk cart through Amsterdam and now has supermarkets across the Netherlands. The store presentation is slightly more basic than other supermarkets. Dirk has its own brand that offers the best products at the best price. The Consumers' Association named Dirk the cheapest supermarket with A-brands earlier this year. Dirk van de Broek cares about sustainability. You can find brands on the shelves with the logo of Rainforest Alliance, Planet Proof, ASC-keurmerk, Fairtrade, UTZ Certified, etc. They also offer Vegan and Vegetarian meat substitutes. At this supermarket, you don't need customer cards or subscriptions; everyone can access the same deals. 

Lidl & Aldi 

These stores are discount supermarkets from Germany with low prices. You will notice that no effort has been made for the store presentation, but the quality of the products is good for the price you pay. This year Lidl was named the supermarket with the best fruit and vegetables. Especially around the holidays, Aldi and Lidl offer tasty and amazing products for a small price. Do you do your shopping at Aldi or Lidl? Then you will most likely come home with random products. They often have a cheap assortment of non-food products such as Christmas decorations, sportswear and handy things for your home. They also have delicious and affordable bread and snacks that are freshly made in the bakery at the store. 

Ekoplaza & Ekoplaza Foodmarqt 

Looking for an organic supermarket? At Ekoplaza, you can be sure that all groceries are 100% organic. This means that the prices are slightly higher than in standard supermarkets, but the quality is outstanding. Fun fact: Ekoplaza and Marqt have bundled their brands and formulas into the Ekoplaza Foodmarqt. You can go there to find your organic groceries together with delicious recipes, easy tips or a cup of coffee. This chain offers clean, responsible, local and delicious organic products.