Everything you need to know about public transport in Amsterdam

Are you ready to explore Amsterdam? Good news: there are lots of options to move around the city! You can ride a bike like a real Dutchie, or take a tram, metro, a bus or a ferry and stay dry. We'd like to help you get on your way! Here's everything you need to know about public transport in Amsterdam.

OV-chipcard or tickets

Throughout the Netherlands, the public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart) is used to travel by public transport. If you're in Amsterdam for a longer period of time and use public transport regularly, buying an OV-chipkaart is the best way to go. If you are here for a short period and rarely use public transport, then it is better to use tickets.

There are 2 types of chip cards: the personal OV-chipkaart and the anonymous OV-chipkaart. With the personal card, you are the only one who can use it, your balance can load automatically, and you can combine it with subscriptions. The anonymous OV-chipkaart does not contain your personal information, so it is possible to lend it to a friend. It’s very easy - you can buy it, load it, and use it right away. Both cards cost €7.50. You can apply for the personal OV-chipkaart online and you can buy the anonymous card at the station's ticket machines, the public transport companies' service desk, or Albert Heijn, Primera, AKO, Readshop or Bruna.

If you prefer to use tickets, you can buy them on a bus or a tram using your debit or credit card, but it is cheaper to use the I amsterdam City Card or GVB day passes, for example.

On route
Before you hit the road, it is helpful to plan your route on 9292. Here you can plan your route from A to B and find all information about prices, transfer times, and strikes or delays.

Using the tram is not only an excellent way to reach the whole city but is also the perfect way to see some of the city highlights. Did you know that tramline 2 was named one of the world's best tramlines by National Geographic? During this ride you'll see Museumplein, Leidseplein, The Royal Palace, Spui and cross several canals.

Amsterdam has 5 metro lines: Eastline to Gaasperplas and Gein (lines 53 and 54), the Ringlijn (lines 50 and 51), and the North/Southline (line 52). It's a great solution when you want to travel a little further. For example, to enjoy a sunny day at Gaasperplas.

With at least 33 bus lines, the bus takes you everywhere. It's easy to use when you have to get outside of Amsterdam, like Schiphol or Haarlem.

The ferry takes you quickly to Amsterdam North. Even better: the ferry is free for both pedestrians and cyclists! It departs every 15 minutes from the Central Station.