Challenge your friends: best game cafes in Amsterdam

Do you and your buddies like a little competition? Then visit one (or more) of these fun game cafes in Amsterdam. From board games and pub quizzes to ping pong and arcades, you'll be able to enjoy yourself late into the night. Enjoy an offline evening and above all: may the best (wo)man win! 


Go back to the old days at TonTonClub! This arcade hall is a true paradise for adults, any sort of old school games can be found here: from Nintendo Mario and Jenga to Pacman and the pinball machine. And since you can have fun here all day, there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese specialties. The loser treats!

De Beren

Every 3rd Thursday of the month you can play pub quizzes at De Beren in Amsterdam North. You can play with a team of up to 5 people and if you win the drinks are on the house. Need we say more?!


Guess what? Comfort food, beer and a game of ping pong is a golden combination! There are 2 ping pong tables that can also be transformed into beer pong and another foosball table. Ping-pong those calories away at PingPongParck!

Mooie Boules

Ready to put the balls on the line? Next up: Jeu de boules! If you thought this is only something for retired men in a French park, you've never been to Mooie Boules. Here you can play boules, enjoy drinks, play board games and eat delicious food. In the Food Hall, there's a little bit of everything. From appetizers to a complete Indonesian rice table.

Café Bosco

Do you prefer playing old-fashioned board games? Then Café Bosco is the spot for you! Here they have that cozy living room atmosphere and plenty of board games to choose from. Settlers of Catan, Rummikub, Monopoly - you name it!