Balance your brain with Charlotte Labee

The first masterclass is a fact. This brand new event has been specially introduced for residents. Expand your knowledge and be inspired by experts in the field of brain function, entrepreneurship and other interesting topics. Get brand new tips that you can apply immediately, ask the expert questions and get to know your neighbors better. Charlotte Labee from Your Brain Balance kicked off the first masterclass and took students into the brain. She gave an interactive presentation in which polls and questions from the students alternated with inspiring and substantive information.

These free masterclasses give the students the right tools to expand their knowledge and to be inspired by experts from different fields. Charlotte Labee, entrepreneur, author, former model and above all founder of Your Brain Balance, the brain knowledge and inspiration platform, gave the students insights into how your brain works and how you can optimize it for your studies. For example, did you know that just doing 10 squats a few times a day actively stimulates the brain? By keeping your brain fit and increasing its power, you can save 30% more time in the long run!

Charlotte Labee, Brain Balance expert photographer

During the presentation, Charlotte came up with more insights and useful tips for our residents. From minimizing your stress level to activating your brain by eating real brain food. Useful tips for optimal performance during your studies. And 1 cup of coffee per day is allowed ;). The enthusiasm of the participants was big, which results in the many questions that were asked. Charlotte took her time and answered as many questions as possible.

Apply in practice

Charlotte's many tips can be put into practice immediately next week. With the exam week just around the corner, our next event will be ready on 18 & 19 March, namely the Co-Study Sessions.