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Renting a TULU bike at Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven 

In the bicycle shed at Minervahaven you find 50 TULU city Swapfietsen and 5 e-bikes. You can rent the city bikes for free and the electric bikes for a small fee.  

How to rent a TULU bike? 

  • Download the app and sign up. 
  • Choose any available city or e-bike. Scan the QR code on the handlebar. Tap ‘Rent’ to start. 
  • Jump on your bike, have fun and stay safe.
  • Your ride will end automatically when you return your bike to the bike room. Please plug any e-bikes rented into the charging stationing.  

Download the TULU app and start riding!

Essential you use a TULU bicycle: 

  • Lock the bike with a coded lock during use and when returned. 
  • Lock the bike with a back wheel lock, in which you leave the key. 
  • Return the bike to the designated bicycle parking area in the bicycle shed. 

TULU bikes are meant to be shared with your neighbors in the building, so treat them well.  

If you do not comply with the rules, you risk an automatic fine of 10 euros. If you break the rules more often, your TULU account will be closed. 

If you lose a bicycle or if it is stolen because you have not followed the rules, you risk being charged costs equal to the value of a new bike. 

Need help?

Contact TULU via the in-app chat or email send them an email at: